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Volunteer Information

Quilt Size Specifications

Before you donate your first quilt:
Contact us and we will send you a Victoria's Quilts© label to sew on the back of the first quilt you would like to donate.  Please mail this quilt to the Home office for Quality Control purposes. It is our belief that all subsequent quilts will be made as well as the first quilt.


The approximate sizes for our quilts are:

36"x36" for baby quilts;

42"x42" for young children's quilts;

50"x60" (no larger than 60"x70") for teen and adult quilts

All quilts sent to cancer patients in the name of Victoria's Quilts© must have a Victoria's Quilts© label sewn on the back. These labels will be provided to you at no charge.



Judy Ross
Victoria's Quilts© is a public charity that donates handmade quilts
to cancer patients and treatment centers.

Quilts are made by volunteer quilters throughout the U.S. and are then gifted to a specific cancer patient, a treatment facility within the quilter's community or a cancer patient on the Victoria's Quilts National Recipient List.

We do not sell quilts!

We hold workshops once a month.
To see our location for next month, please click on the Workshops page.
Connie with quilt



volunteer with quilt